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“What man is he that liveth, and shall not see death? shall he deliver his soul from the hand of the grave?” - Psalm 89:48.

The struggle to be free from death has been the preoccupation of many people for thousands of years. It is said that in Imperial China, numerous powerful emperors actually died from consuming mercury-based potions intended to make them live forever! Presently, it has been reported that “Scientists are trying to untangle the basic mechanisms that underlie aging, and the idea is catching on that growing old isn't just a fact of life but rather a disease that can be cured through medical interventions.” According to the market-research firm “Global Industry Analysts”, the anti-aging industry generates more than $80 billion per year. Adam Gollner, author of The Book of Immortality, profiles five billionaires pouring money into longevity research.

Russian multimillionaire Dmitry Itskov, who started the 2045 Initiative has even declared publicly that he is “100 percent certain” that humans will attain immortality by the year 2045.  What the people of the world are unwilling to accept is that death is a sentence imposed on man by God and none can “deliver his soul from the hand of the grave.” (Genesis 3:19; Psalm 22:29; 89:48) Scripture says, “…Truly no man can ransom himself, or give to God the price of his life, … that he should continue to live on for ever, and never see the Pit.” (Psalm 49:6-10 Revised Standard Version). We thank God for sending Jesus Christ, so that the fate of human beings would not be like that of the beasts that perish. - Psalm 49:12, 20; John 3:16.

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