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“Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord's sake: whether it be to the king, as supreme.” - 1 Peter 2:13.

God has given man attributes or qualities which are His likeness in man and which make him higher than the beasts. The qualities of wisdom, power, justice and love enables man, to a reasonable degree, and according to the talents given each person, to know right from wrong, and to know how to do things in an orderly and decent manner. Thus, those who are in positions of authority in God's organization are allowed by God to issue instructions for the guidance of believers. The instruction from St. Peter in the text for today is that the leaders should be obeyed – in as much as their aim is to promote righteousness. Also laws of governments in the world which are made to promote the well being of people should be obeyed, as long as they are not contrary to the will of God.

Those who fail to obey leaders in God's organization are disorderly and they make the work of administration to be tedious for those involved. (See Hebrews 13:7,16,17) St Paul stated: “Now we command you, brethren, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye withdraw yourselves from every brother that walketh disorderly, and not after the tradition which he received of us.  For yourselves know how ye ought to follow us: for we behaved not ourselves disorderly among you…” (2 Thessalonians 3: 6,7,14)  As people of God we should be orderly in all our undertakings by His grace. - Romans 16:17,18.

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