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TEXT : “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.”- 1 Timothy 5:8.

COMMENT: The law of God enjoins the husband to provide for the wife and his entire family. (Genesis 3:16) But due to the devil’s interference, this has practically turned the other way round in some families as the man contends with months of unpaid salaries, loss of jobs, ill-health and some other reasons beyond his control. However, the situation should be seen as a fiery trial of faith for those so-affected; it should not be taken as an excuse for the man to seat at home with folded hands but rather to look for means of improving the economy of the home with prayers and implicit faith in the Great Provider the Almighty God. – Proverbs 24:1.

In a global economic down-turn as is experienced by man today, it is wise to adapt certain measures to cope with the situation. The mode of managing the finances must be discussed and mutually agreed upon: the husband must not close his eyes and mind from realities while the wife, on her part, must not be wasteful in her spending. Potential problems associated with lack of money include mistrust, suspicion, tension, quarrels and so on. All these must not be allowed to infiltrate into the matrimonial union. As the Almighty God helped Jacob and his family as well as Naomi and Ruth when there was famine in their days, so too He would do for all families who trust in Him - Genesis 42-45; Ruth 1:1-22; Psalm 33:18,19.

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